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Michèle Chast was born and works in Paris. After studying to be a stylist, she practiced design and sculpture of living models at the Beaux Arts workshops. It was through experimenting with forms and materials combined with her passion for Camille Claudel, Alberto Giacometti and Henry Moore, that she became interested in working with clay and bronze. Her model is the woman, her body, her attitude and more recently the couple. Since she started in 2002, her style has become purer and more contemporary, and her sculptures have more fluidity and movement…


- Studies at the Beaux-Arts de Paris, with a speciality in sculpture works


- Studies at ESMOD, a French private school of fashion in Paris

- Stylist for six years at Nina Ricci, director of the Sportswear Collection

- A graduate of the National Institute of Gemmology in Paris, with an expertise in the study of gems (fine and precious stones)

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